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Preparing Leaders For Tomorrow's World

Paramount's Vidhyashram School brings together capable students and faculty, dedicated to intellectual achievement, to the principles of mutual and collective respect, and to the development of good citizenship. The explosion of technology has given a new urgency to the term “lifelong learner.” Students employ technology to access, organize and use the enormous amount of new information available. You would truly be pleased to note that the school is truly a center for academic pursuits. The mission of the Paramount's Vidhyashram school is that students and faculty are effective users of ideas of information; to support this, the school has a system which allows ample interaction among them through class room sessions and beyond.

In a society where we anticipate that today’s students will change careers six or seven times throughout their lifetime Paramount's Vidhyashram school must become an exemplary college preparatory school that is future-oriented and responsive to change. Technology must be used as a tool for learning in all areas of the school.

Now, in the twenty first century, Paramount's Vidhyashram School continues to prepare young women and men to be leaders in local, national and international communities. The school motto is SURSUM AD SUMMUM or “Rise to the Highest.” The Paramount's Vidhyashram School faculty, bolstered by the support of our parents, is dedicated to producing the best college candidates as well as lifelong learners.

Our Vision

We will impart education of Global standards that will make our students confident ethically strong individuals who can contribute positively towards the growth & progress of society. We believe that each child is special & can realize his full potential in a caring environment conducive to learning.


Paramount's Vidhyashram School is a world class institute committed to prepare creative, articulate, self reliant and responsible global citizens with strong professional skills and deep appreciation for our environment, cultural heritage and values through a curriculum that promotes holistic development.

Chairman’s Message

As we seek to refine and reform today’s system of education, we would do well to ask, “What is education?” Our answers may provide insights that get to the heart of what matters for 21st century children and adults alike.

It is important to step back from divisive debates on grades, standardized testing, and teacher evaluation and really look at the meaning of education. Looking for wisdom from some of the greatest philosophers, poets, educators, historians, theologians, politicians, and world leaders, I found answers that should not only exist in our history books, but also remain at the core of current education dialogue.

At Paramount's Vidhyashram school, we constantly struggle to balance the goals of formal education with the goals of raising healthy, happy children who grow to become contributing members of families and society. Along with academic skills, the educational journey from kindergarten through college is a time when young people develop many interconnected abilities. In order to develop all these interconnected abilities, we provide a holistic framework for the development of our students. If you provide us your kid, we assure you to return a well educated and substantially groomed youth with the capacity to reach the sky.

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